Le Weekend


Ah, Monday. Even though today and this week will be a drag, I only have ONE week of classes left. Boy, am I glad for that! I'm also glad that in between stuffing my face, I got all of my assignments for the end of the semester done over Thanksgiving break. Nothing beats having a stress-free and relaxing weekend. 

My little glitter Christmas tree from Trader Joe's, 
A shopper on my trip to BJ's, who not just sang, but danced downed the aisle to a Jessica Simpson Christmas song.
A taste of New England: Lobster Rolls made from scratch and BBQ chips from Trader Joe's (so. good)
Marry You: the only song I like from Bruno Mars, which I actually heard first on Glee.
Finished A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle, a must read for the travel lovers/Francophiles. 
Sunday Funday: Tea and the New York Times. A Sunday tradition.

One thing I noticed this weekend was how truly excited I am for the holidays. Is it possible for someone to love and loathe the holidays at the same time? That's been me in the past years, but for some reason, this year feels different. I can't wait to share my 12 days till Christmas posts with you next week! 

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for the first holiday weekend?


  1. How was a year in provence? I want to read it!

  2. That's so funny!  Me and the hubby are actually excited about this holiday season too!!  Usually, we are so blah and just try to make it through December!  YAY for almost being done with classes!

    And love your new profile pic - so glam!!  :)

  3. I absolutely LOVED it! I want to read all of Peter Mayle's books now. Highly recommend.  

  4. Aww thank you Sam! I'm glad this sudden burst of Christmas cheer is being felt by others as well!