Getting into the holiday swing of things...


The tree at Rockefeller Center is lit, and it is December 1st! I am officially allowing myself to get into the holiday spirit and fully embracing holiday decorations, movies, red cups, and music. What I will never embrace is this song. God help me and you if I have to hear that song.


I bought this sweater back in September awhile ago when the Gap was having a 40% off sale. I had fallen in love with a similar one in July from H&M (right before vacation), but I couldn't justify buying a sweater in the summer. Plus, the Gap one is MUCH nicer. 

I was obviously attracted to the sparkle, but in the back of my mind, I just knew it would be perfect for the holidays. I felt crazy buying such an item so early, but since it was on sale, and depleting in stock quickly, I bought it and kept it hidden until now. 
Even Ke$ha's jeal
I really can't wait for Christmas. For starters, other than Fleet Week and Fashion Week, Christmastime is one of the few times NYC is bearable for me, and that I actually enjoy being here. Add in time with family and friends, and loads of merriment, and you have my absolute favorite holiday.

So here's to enjoying all the most wonderful time of the year has to offer! 


  1. hah i love it! i bought something similar at banana and now i feel like i can wear it without people thinking i'm a disco ball..

  2. I always thought Christmas in New York would be so beautiful! You should get a photo of the big tree!

  3. It really is. Its like nothing else in the world. I hope to get to the tree soon! 

  4. Lol YES! It's so great.

  5. Thank you Kristy! I cant believe how fast it sold out! 

    And yes Fleet Week. Sigh. I swear its like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one.

  6. i LOVE that sweater! i want one :)

    you and your new york talk! but yes, it's the best at christmas. and fleet week haha - gotta love a man in uniform :)