Gaga's Workshop


Oh, Lady Gaga. Your antics and wardrobe choices often drive me insane, but nothing can deny the fact that you are incredibly talented, generous, funny, and creative. Since Barney's announced the collaboration with Lady Gaga, I just knew Gaga's Workshop would be the holiday attraction.

The workshop in Barney's was a very creative and elaborate space, filled with lots of Gaga-esque art pieces and (expensive, but for a good cause) merchandise. It was the windows however, that I completely loved; they were on a whole other level. The combination of art, music, and of course fashion, were done so well, and in true Gaga fashion, that no matter who passed by, fan or not, it was sure to bring on the "oohs and the ahhs."

Gaga's Crystal Cave
Gaga's Boudoir, made of real blond hair.
Gaga Machine


  1. awesome! Thanks for sharing this- I do love me some gaga!

  2. Lady Gaga's Worksop at Barney's in Scottsdale was not nearly as amazing as this... but I guess that's the difference between NYC & AZ haha

    And I so wanted the teacup! It would be perfect for my morning lattes :) 

  3. Your welcome! It really was something wonderful. 

  4. I NEED THAT TEACUP! I just looked it up and its $65. I thought it was a lot more!