Packing: Cruise edition


I initially had this post to go up last week when I was away.  But I clean forgot to schedule it. Whoops! 

As always, these are just my opinions. I figured someone may find it helpful!

Laundry Bag
It wasn't until my last cruise did I realize how essential a laundry bag of some sort is. I always unpack and shove my suitcase under the bed, and since the closet space is not expansive, a laundry bag is great to store dirty clothes. And it makes unpacking/laundry when I return home super easy!

I hate how unlike hotel rooms where a little light peeks out from under the door, the staterooms are  pitch black. A nightlight is much easier than turning on all the lights for late night bathroom runs. If you don't want to pack a nightlight, while bright, leaving the light on in the bathroom and closing the door works too.

Wrinkle Spray
Such a life saver, since irons are prohibited. I try to pack materials that don't wrinkle easy, but sometimes it just cant be avoided.  I don't travel anywhere without it. 

After the incidents on Carnival and Princess last year, I will not be without one for any of my trips. 

Detergent packets
These come in SO handy! (Like that one time I ran out of underwear in Italy...) Woolite is my favorite, but most detergent brands have their own travel version. 

Travel Dryer
Last year, I decided to leave my dryer at home.
Big Mistake.
I was always late to dinner, because as soon as I would start to blow dry my hair, it would overheat and shut off. This would then require it to est for about 5 minutes till I could use it again.
 I am absolutely obssed with my new Babyliss travel dryer. I have nicknamed it small and mighty, because it is just that. 

Ipod Speaker/Dock
This isn't an essential, but I can't be without my music when I'm getting ready or relaxing. (If you are on a newer ship (Like Royal Caribbean's Allure or Oasis,) they come standard in each stateroom!)

These next two are more for in port:
Toilet paper & Toilet seat covers
Tis better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. Great tips! I too just wrote a piece about cruising advice :) Great minds think alike!!!

  2. Yes! It's the best thing ever!! 

  3. AHH! I'm going to link your's in my post as well! 

  4. I love to see how other people pack! I should get a laundry bag!