Shopping in St.Thomas


Since we were busy in the other islands with tours and excursions, St. Thomas was our only real chance to get any shopping done. I failed to research the island before hand, but of course the port shopping guide on board was a great help. (Cruisers, make sure you check in with your port shopping guide. You do save money and get GREAT recommendations).

What I Gather 
  • Granted you know what things cost beforehand, you can save quite a bit. 
  • Perfume is a bargain! Most were about $6-10 cheaper than US prices, in addition to being tax free. For example my all time favorite Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb was $91 for a 1.7oz bottle as opposed to $100, and a 1.7oz bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle was $62 in St.Thomas as opposed to $68 in the US. 
  • I can only speak for the MAC counter, but makeup prices are the same as back home. Just tax free.
  • Alcohol is definitely a bargain. Many 2-for deals. And your allowed to buy more than in any other island (since it is a US Virgin Island).
  • Jewelery and watches can also be a bargain. For example, our port shopping guide Shanee, had these amazing two-in-one diamond earrings. Had I bought them in St. Thomas they would have been $695 (if I remember correctly). Purchasing them now back home? $1295 + tax. 
  • There's a ton of unique find to be found from table clothes, bamboo sheets from Cariloha, and apparel and accesories that change color in the sun from Del Sol

My buys: Michael Kors Watch, MAC blot powder and pencil, Gucci Rush perfume, Del Sol nailpolish


  1. That is too funny! It really was beautiful! 

  2. UHlissa....I CANT BELIEVE YOU WEAR GUCCI RUSH!! Is this your first time wearing it? I've been wearing it since 2004 :) !!

  3. No not my first time, I have been wearing it since high school! My all time favorite!!! I remember this boy freshman year would always come into my dorm and like sniff me. He was obsessed with it. 

  4. I have a picture in that exact alley from when I'm about 14, on a cruise. I can't believe it still looks pretty much the same! St. Thomas is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  5. I didn't do any shopping when I was there, but you have convinced me to try that next time. :)

    1. It's great! St. Maarten and St. Thomas are definitely my two favorite islands for shopping.