Local eats in St. Martin and Puerto Rico


Sarafina's Marigot, St. Martin

It was our cruise last year when this deliciously sweet discovery was made. As part of our excursion, we had a stop in Marigot, with a little over an hour to explore the shops and restaurants. While my dad and I enjoyed lunch, my mom went off to explore. It was then she came across Sarafina’s, and when the love affair began. 

Having St. Martin as one of our port's of call again this year, it was an absolute must that we stop there for lunch and desserts. With its location right on the Marigot waterfront, the open air cafe with its many tables and sofas is the perfect place to eat and enjoy the Côte d'Azur atmosphere. 

However, this perfect place does have one problem; WHAT DOES ONE GET? Because they have EVERYTHING: Macarons, tarts, crepes, napoleons, eclairs, cakes, fresh bread, gelato, sorbet, quiches, hot and cold sandwiches, pizza, the list goes on and on. Everything is baked fresh, the staff is pleasant and everything is just absolutely delicious.  An absolute must if you are in St.Martin. 

Needless to say, no trip to St. Martin will ever be complete without a stop to Sarafina's.

Genesis Restaurant San Juan, Puerto Rico

Genesis was yet another accidental find from last years cruise. In looking for (and not finding) a different restaurant that was recommended by our tour guide, we decided to stop into Genesis, as time was running out before we had to return to the ship.  Not having a recommendation to go on, I was a little uncertain as to what to expect. However,  as I looked around at my fellow diners, and noticed they were mostly locals, I thought that had to be a very good sign. And it was. (Good sign number two was that the bathroom was INSANELY clean. )

The food at Genesis is delicious!! Of course I was going back this year! Even if it meant smuggling it back on the ship (which is illegal but whatever) I was not leaving Puerto Rico without trying a local dish: Chuletas Can-Can.

(If your vegetarian/vegan, don't read further.) 

If your unfamiliar with the dish, it is a delicious fried 3-fer of pork: a pork chop, ribs, and cuero (or pork skin). I rarely eat fried food, so this was a huge exception and a serious indulgence. With a side of  rice and beans, it was a good thing I was wearing a loose maxi dress. 

Whether is mofongo, tostones, pork, chicken, or fish your after, it is all muy delicioso at Genesis. 

Well. I'm hungry now. 


  1. I'm drooling over those macarons!

  2. They had so many! I never had one until that day, and it was so hard to choose!