Turning lemons...


Hurricane essentials obv

With Hurricane Irene on the way, like much of the East Coast, NYC is on a maaajor shutdown. No public transportation, businesses closed, and everyone just waiting it out. While I love staying inside for a good snowstorm when it comes to hurricanes, they just don't have the same fun appeal for me. 

So I'm going to pray that my house doesn't blow away, that the storm isn't too bad, and make the best of this situation. I have some cork board for a DIY, paint swatches, my favorite hair treatment, and September issues.

As they say, preparing for the worst, praying and hoping for the best. Be safe all my east coast friends!!


  1. Ahh thanks Nina! I do throw a pretty awesome girl's night if I may say so myself! And YES! OJON IS MY LIFE! I'm addicted to it!

  2. LOL, what can I say? Very thankful that my area wasn't hit hard. Thank you! 

  3. Are you planning on painting something? the blue swatch is similar to the one I am planning for my room!

  4. Yes! My room! The pink is starting to kill me just a bit. 

  5. stay safe! I love your provisions haha

  6. Hurricane or no hurricane I would totally want to come over for a girl's night with you! Seriously, these are all my favorite! I also used to use Ojon all the time but ran out a while ago- thanks for reminding me to pick up a new one :) :)