This week was one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of weeks for me. I'm also completely flummoxed (word of the day) by the fact that it's March! Slow down there 2013! 

In lieu of an outfit post, here are a few bits and pieces of what I wore this past week. With that said, I hope you all have a great weekend-I know I can't wait for it to begin. TGIF! 

I never thought Pandora bracelets were "me," but after getting one for graduation from my godparents, my feelings changed. I got this suitcase charm for Christmas and just recently noticed that this side of it is Paris themed...(The other side is a palm tree.) 

Spring is on it's way (at least it better be anyway,) so I am trying to get as much wear as possible out of all my faux fur pieces before it's time to pack them away for the warmer months. You can see how I wore the vest this week here.

This necklace was a bargain buy on a trip to Century 21 a few years ago, but sadly, it goes unworn more than it should. It really is the perfect piece for taking a "meh" outfit, up a notch. 

This week called for my favorite rainy day essential: my  L.L. Bean wellies

Lastly, my favorite of them all. After wishing and wanting to for years, I finally started belly dancing back in December. I would be lying if I said the hip scarfs and costumes in general, weren't one of the reasons I wanted to start belly dancing in the first place. So much fun!


  1. Love the necklace and the pandora charm :) Too cute!!!!

  2. Pretty pictures :) And belly dancing? How fun!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

    1. So much fun! I highly recommend it!

  3. Love that bib necklace...gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    The Glossy Life

    1. I need to wear it more! Thanks girl!

  4. Your pandora bracelet is adorable. I love that suitcase! You're the cutest.