Time to Detox.


By the look of things, this week is shaping up to be a quiet one, perfect timing for a nice detox.

A good cleanse is something I find necessary a few times a year: after the holidays and vacations, but truthfully, anytime I feel like my body needs a bit of a recharge or that I need to get back on track. It may sound crazy, but I actually look forward to these periodic breaks. Well, I look forward to feeling great and energetic after it's complete, because we all know, the discipline of the process is not easy, (I cried last time...) but so worth it in the end. 

I’m not one for drinking juice for a week or starving (or both), so I opt for ones that, ironically, let me eat (somewhat) and are just a few days (usually 2 to 3.) While I have made my own guidelines in the past, I like the idea of following an actual program. My mom gave me a Jack LaLanne "Three Day Wholesome Diet" to try after vacation last year and I not just felt better after almost dying all the sweets and bellinis I consumed, but I gained my energy back and lost the bloat and weight I had “gained." Hopefully it works and I am back to feeling 100% again!

Are you into detoxing? What's your detox style?


  1. The idea of a full-on detox scares me, because I tend to get a LOT of migraines if I have low blood sugar, etc., but I love the feeling of really SUPER clean eating. When I'm craving it, I really try to up my veggies and fruits, but I'd be interested to hear how you do yours specifically!

    The Glossy Life

    1. Oh I hear you about the blood sugar. Mine drops ridiculously fast so I am very cautious (why I won't juice etc.) I love this Jack LaLanne one because you are actually eating. Sure I get cravings for chocolate etc. but it's not because I feel hungry or deprived but the reason why I'm detoxing to begin with LOL.

      If you have anymore questions, let me know I'd be happy to email you!

  2. I try to eat clean during the week but I have been wanting to do a full on detox/cleanse for a while now. Would love to hear how yours goes! I like the idea of being able to eat food and not just rely on juices!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

    1. I eat the same way! But sometimes I feel like a break is necessary to reset, you know? I think I will do an update later in the week of how it went.