Detox Update...


this was lunch. i was still optimistic at this point...
Even though I've done the "Three Day Wholesome Program" before, this time, it was just not happening. At about 8 o'clock Monday night, I went "SCREW THIS!" went to the kitchen, and gorged myself on grapes and chicken soup that my mom had made earlier in the day. 

You're probably thinking "Why put yourself through that torture to begin with?" Well, here's the background: I've lost a lot of weight in the last few years and in the last year, I've gone  gluten and grain free. Despite feeling amazing from these changes, in the last few weeks, I've let too many bad choices slide. I'm not saying any food in particular is bad, but when you have certain sensitivities (IE gluten,) eating it for the sake of eating it is bad news. As a result, my sugar cravings have been rampant, I've been struggling through some workouts, getting headaches, sleeping horribly, and just not feeling my best. Yes, I should know better, but when I'm going for that spoonful of Nutella, too often the term "YOLO" comes to mind. 

The last straw came last week after going to practice belly dancing.  I could truly say my belly was dancing-I was so bloated. I couldn't move as gracefully as I wanted and needed to and could barely get through practice. That's when I decided enough was enough and that a change was mandatory. That is how the whole idea of a detox came to mind.

Even though I didn't finish the program, I didn't give up on the fact that I needed to get back on track. I went back to my old ways of recharging by just eating clean, adding in a few green smoothies, and starting the day with some warm water and lemon. Just these few little changes made me feel that much better on Tuesday. 
the best start to the day. 
Ultimately, this whole ordeal (when tears are involved, it's an ordeal,) made me realize I need to take better care of myself. It also re-inspired me to stop being a wayward Paleo and get back to eating the way I was in the last year. What better way to get me on that path than the Whole 30? I'll be starting it in a few days and while I am a bit nervous, I'm even more excited to get started. I am SO ready. 


  1. My blogger friend Kenzie ( practices Paleo and she did the Whole 30 a few months back. You should connect with her and swap stories/advice!

    1. That is a great idea! Thank you Rachel!!

  2. This looks delicious! I like your blog.


  3. I usually eat pretty clean but over the past month I haven't been doing my best :/ It's just hard sometimes! Great job getting back on track! In January I did (kind of my own version) of Whole 30. Basically following but without having to go out and buy certain ingredients like oils and what not. I still felt SO good after! Good luck!! Keep us updated :)

    Olivia | go for the glam

    1. It really is hard! But all we can do is try right? Thank you for your kind words and encouragement :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I hate that feeling of "I shouldn't have ate that"! I want to do another Whole 30 or Detox diet, if you want someone to do it with you, I so will! Let me know :)

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable