Food Must Haves for Winter



Even though there are no major storms on the horizon, as the winter months approach (I say approach because its been very mild lately...) there are some food items that I simply must have at home at all times. As you know, I like to be prepared with only the most necessary of essentials. Whether its because I'm too lazy it's too cold to brave frigid temps, or because I'm snowed in, here are a few things that must be on hand at all times during the winter: 

This is a year round given, but vital in winter.
From hot chocolate, to cookies, to crepes, Nutella is a MUST! I usually stockpile it.

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate and winter just go together. I usually stockpile this too. (Here's the proof.)

Chocolate Chips
Pancakes, cookies, by the handful. 

Turkey Bacon
Protein for when I shovel...(I don't shovel.)

Caramel and Cabot Whip Cream
Just because.

Pinot Grigio. No exceptions.

Are there any foods you simply must have on hand when winter rolls around? 


  1. All of these are exactly what I want to be eating right now! Especially the Nutella. Did you know that they now sell giant tubs of Nutella... yeah you probably did... but now I need to find a way to justify buying one... :) 

    And that pic is so true! Before long I'll be cursing the AZ heat!

  2. chocolate chips are my savior in life. I laughed out loud at that graphic haha