"Cruising is Safer than Flying."


The wonderful captain I had the honor of sailing with last August, Captain Olav, navigating the ship out of Bermuda's reefs with the pilot. 

The events in the past few weeks of the Costa Concordia have been absolutely devastating. It angers me to know that the captain made so many extremely poor decisions, which in turn has cost the lives of many, and ruined trips that so many planned and had their heart set on taking. 

As you may know, I absolutely love cruising. When I hear so many people say they will never go on a cruise as a result of the Costa Concordia, it makes me sad since cruising is such a wonderful experience and way to take a vacation. In my last few years cruising with Royal Caribbean, the two things that were emphasized more than anything were safety and fun. I have always felt at ease knowing I was in great hands as everyone on board was trained for any and everything.

So it is with my great love and passion of cruising and my experience of the last few years, that I present to you a few ways I believe you can not just feel safe on your cruise vacation, but be prepared and ready, in the event of an emergency.

I had no idea this was an optional/prolonged thing, since all my cruises on Royal, muster has been conducted approximately an hour before departure, and everyone had to check in and be checked off for being in attendance. Make sure that you are in attendance not just physically, but mentally as well. Yes I know, it may seem boring, but as they always say, its better to be safe than sorry.

Get Acquainted.
Know your ships layout. This goes from knowing where your muster station is, the accessibility to the life boats and other emergency routes, as well as the location of the life vests in your cabin. In the event of an emergency, you will know where to go as well as the quickest way to get there.

Pack Warm Clothing and Closed Toe Shoes.
Even when I'm cruising to the Caribbean in the middle of summer, I always pack these items in case of an emergency (or being diverted to Canada because of a hurricane). A sweatshirt and warm pants will make sure you stay warm, and closed toe shoes will protect your feet from any debris, like glass.

Keep All Medications and Important Documents at the Ready.
Again, in the event of such an emergency, having these essentials in an easy to grab place, (and in a protective pouch) would be essential in case of an emergency.

Have the recent events of the Costa Concordia put you off from cruising? Do you have second thoughts?


  1. I wouldn't let one bad experience or headline change my mind, anything can be unsafe in the wrong situation I think. Its good to be prepared though!

  2. I was saddened by the news too. An 'iffy' thing? The cruise line was European & a discount cruise. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I would feel much safer on an American cruise line... that was super inexpensive. That said, I love your tips & precautions- our personal safety always starts among ourselves and your suggestions were things I wouldn't have thought of myself but make total sense.

    Now, if only you and I could go on a cruise! Preferably to St. Tropez or somewhere equally as glam!