It never fails that when I get into conversation with people and the subject of travel comes up, I often get asked why and what exactly makes me want to travel so much, and so badly.

From whatever age we start recording memories, travel has always been a part of my life. Even before I could remember, I was traveling. When we were on break from school, my parents would always make it a point to take my sister and I on trips away. (Now I am the sole reaper of these benefits :) ) From England to Canada, Cape Cod to Grenada, travel was always a big part of us. Even in the summer camp I attended, we traveled. So at a very young age, that travel bug was instilled in me.  

I will never forget a book I first read in fifth grade. I still remember that day, when the shipment of new books came into our school library, and I saw Bloomability. The cover featured a passport, travel photos, and the tag line "It's inside each of us". I'm certain I read that book 100 times. (I know I read it twice in the time I had it checked out initially.) Whenever I saw it was available, I read it. And it has always stuck with me to this day.

Bloomability is about a young girl named Dinnie, who after spending most of her life moving around the US as her father changed jobs, goes with her aunt and uncle to a boarding school in Switzerland that they are now in charge of. (It wasn't until recently did I realize her boarding school was in no other than Lugano, Switzerland.) Her aunt and uncle give her a year, after which she can decide to stay at the boarding school, or move back home with her family, wherever they may be settled now. Knowing this, Dinnie really makes the most of her time in Switzerland, by seeing all she can and learning from her friends and fellow students at the boarding school, that come from all over the world. Dinnie's life in Switzerland is full of adventure, lessons, and inspiration.

While I didn't know what it was called at the time, I want to believe this was when my wanderlust was sparked. I started to seek out new places I wanted to see, and visit and immediately fell in love with Italy and France. (I even started to learn French soon after.) Bloomability and Dinnie's adventures always served as a constant reminder to me to be open to new experiences when traveling, to always want to see and do more, and to always learn whatever I can, wherever I am. Even when people scoff at my want to travel, I always remember: It's inside each of us. 

What ultimately sparked your love of travel? Did you read Bloomability?
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  1. I am reading bloomability and this book is so amazing. I'm already learning how to speak french! I wonder how it feels to always be moving from different places. Also how it feels to be away for your family. The school that Domenica Santolina Doone or Dinnie must be a very fascinating and large opportunity for her.

  2. yes I read bloomability

  3. I read and loved Bloomability too! In fact I think I might just have to reread it now. It's funny because Bloomability was such a special book to me back then. I felt like it resonated with me perfectly and gave me the travel bug too. I haven't made it to Switzerland yet, but in the next few years it's definitely a place I'd love to visit. 


  4. I would love to travel more, not just abroad, but here there is so much to see, so many places i've never been. I wish I had the confidence to just pack a bag and go off on my own, seeing what there is to see.

  5. I never read that one but I did read Walk Two Moons, which I see is the same author. I don't know why I love to travel, I've always craved new and novel experiences though!