Summer Workout Wear


Working out in the summer can be one hot, uncomfortable experience. While I wake up earlier to get my daily workout in before it gets too hot, nothing keeps me dry (and sane!) like switching up what I wear. (AKA an excuse to buy more workout clothes...)

The same way my regular clothes change from season to season, so do my workout clothes. Cotton tops are replaced with polyester ones (they dry faster!) and leggings are swapped for shorts, sometimes capris. Being sweaty after a workout is expected, especially if its tough. But staying sweaty until I take off said clothes? Blech, not necessary. For me, these few changes make all the difference, especially with a great source of cool air and a cold bottle of water on hand.

What are some of your "stay dry" essentials for summer workouts?


  1. Old Navy and Gap are my favorites for cute work out clothes! I was actually just thinking this weekend that I need to get more shorts and tanks...I love that first pair of shorts!

    1. They are SO comfortable. And of course the price can't be beat.