I first met Jaime a few years ago at a mutual friends birthday party. A student at FIT, we quickly bonded over fashion and a love of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (namely Teresa's infamous table flip). After running into each other quite randomly at my graduation last year, Jaime mentioned that he was in the process of designing a collection with his childhood friend Brenda, called Marc/Ella

It's been a long time in the making, but Marc/Ella is finally here! Hearing about MENY (Marc/Ella NY) was one thing, but seeing the collection come to life is something completely different. Read: I'm kind of obsessed. I had the chance to catch to catch up with Brenda and Jaime, the designers behind the collection, to learn more about them and MENY

First off, I absolutely love the collection! What were some of the influences for the S/S collection?
Jaime & I both have very similar styles.  We are huge fans of anything vintage so with this collection, we really wanted to bring it back to a simpler time. We decided to take silhouettes from different decades and unify them in our collection. When we see this collection, it's Molly Ringwald meets Chanel; the collection is classic but still very modern. 
How does being in NYC influence or inspire your designs, if at all?  
I mean, how can one not be inspired by NYC? Everywhere you turn, a wall of graffiti turns into a timeless piece of city art. Our designs represent not so much the city we're in, but the people in it. Although it's women's clothing, we have a lot of silhouettes and materials found in menswear. New York is a melting pot, and there's something for everyone in this Big City, and that's what I want to do with MENY. 
My favorite look from the collection.
Tell me about the MENY woman. Who is she?
The MENY woman is one who demands attention when walking in a room. A Woman who inspires, and just by being themselves, create a buzz. Her strength is immense and her independence gives her power. She goes from working 9-5 to socializing 5-9 and always looks fabulous doing so. She embodies what most young women in NYC inspire to be. She's a little bit of you & a little bit of me. 
Now what about Brenda and Jaime? How much of your personal style is reflected in Marc/Ella? 
Like I said before, we both have very classic styles and it is all over MENY. I would say that Marc/Ella is definitely an even balance between masculine and feminine styles and in whole the clothes really reflect who we are. 
What is the best part of designing for you?
Playing around with the different styles and silhouettes before choosing the ones that make it to the collection. We design maybe 40+ different looks and cut them down to a final 10. Our collection is small, but we still like to see what our minds come up with. Jaime is a genius and it's really incredible how similar our design aesthetic is.  
If you had to pick one piece from the collection that you thought every woman should own, what would it be?
I don't know if I could choose just one. They're all so great and versatile in their own way. I guess it's a tie between the Jane Parka & the Madeline Maxi. They are two totally different pieces but who doesn't need a parka with NYC weather? And as for the Madeline Maxi, I just feel like that piece can elongate the shortest pair of legs, and really make a woman feel fabulous.

A HUGE congratulations to Brenda and Jaime for a job well done on their first collection!! The Marc/Ella shop is live now for shopping here, so be sure to check it out!


  1. These pieces are gorgeous–I love the menswear inspiration! You have talented friends :)

    1. They will be happy to hear it!