Happy first day of Fashion Week!!! 
I'm SO excited. I'm off next week from school, (Thank God! I mean, it hasn't even been a full month of classes yet, and I'm already in need of a vacation! anyhow...) which means a full week of checking and The Cut all day, getting all the Fashion Week 411. I may or may not be volunteering next Thursday...its still up in the air but I really hope it works out. Even if it doesn't, I'm still going to make the best of it and take it all in and hang around the tents and people watch aka stalk Rachel Zoe and her camp and V Becks. JK =]

Tomorrow I'm going to the preview/ pop-up shop for the Alexander McQueen Target line. I haven't been super exited for a Target line in awhile, but I'm really excited to see everything. And I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy, so it should be fun.


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