NYFW Fall 2009: Barbies 50th Anniversary Collection


Designers such as Vera Wang, Tory Burch and Betsey Johnson took time out from designing their own personal collections to design extra special outfits, for Barbies 50th Anniversary Show. The designs were a combination of old and new with many iconic pieces coming to life, as well as a new modern take on Barbies wardrobe.
Even though it only showed on the second day of Fashion Week, this was the highlight of Fashion Week for me. This show was seriously, my childhood dream come true. All those fab outfits come to life? I can't contain myself. I couldn't help but think about all the time and effort I put into my Barbie's when I was growing up. Outfits for pool parties, ice skating, shopping trips with the girls, dates with Ken, tattoos and piercings, (haha that was my rebel Barbie. Her name was Mary and she was a bad influence to the other girls. If I remember correctly, she had multiple ear piercings, her nose was pierced, and her entire back was tatted with Sharpie. And she never had clothes on. Anywhoo....) you name it, my girls had a fabulous outfit for it (with the exception of Mary of course, who wore no clothes.)! Reminisce and delight in the fabulousness that is Barbie, with more pics and video from the show at Nymag.com.

*photo source: NYMag.com

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