Whole 30: Week 2!


From March 15th to April 13th, I will be doing the Whole 30 and recapping my experience every Monday with a post outlining how I'm feeling, what I'm eating, and how it is going overall. 


Week 2! As I mentioned last week, I made my way to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and picked up some new veggies and herbs in the form of parsnips, rutabagas, and dill. I've only used the dill, so far, but I will report back on the veg, since I've never had either before. 

Otherwise, things are going well. I am finding my transition back to Paleo much easier than I anticipated, and even though I am "on a plan," it doesn't feel like it anymore. I also observed this week that:
  • With the exception of meal planning, I am not thinking about food as I was before. 
  • I feel fuller for much longer.
  • Because I feel fuller, my meals aren't always on a schedule anymore. Dinner is sometimes later than my usual 6 o'clock because I don't feel hungry. 
  • I haven't experienced being hangry since starting the Whole 30.
  • Eating before working out makes me feel absolutely horrible, but a post workout meal makes me feel amazing. 
  • I feel like I am getting more out of my workouts.
  • My cravings are more or less gone. I even went to the pizzeria to get pizza for my dad and did not feel an ounce of a craving (probably cause eating it would make me sick anyway). 

As always, here is my journal for the past week:
Sleep 8 hours
Activity Kickboxing (Tae Bo), strength training

Pre-Workout Canned salmon with olive oil mayo
Post-Workout Remaining salmon, Ella's Kitchen (yes, baby food) 
Breakfast One egg scrambled, lox, leftover broccoli, tea
Lunch Ground pork w/ zucchini noodles and tomatoes, salad, a grapefruit
Dinner Pumpkin soup with sweet potatoes and chicken

Sleep The most perfect night's sleep yet! 8 hours of pure bliss.
Activity Pilates

Pre-Pilates Cup of warmed almond milk
Post-Workout A bit of canned salmon, Ella's Kitchen pouch
Breakfast Two homemade breakfast sausages, Zucchini "hash"
Lunch "Waldorf" salad made with turkey breast, chopped apples, and olive oil mayo
Baby spinach leavesHalf a mango
Dinner Salmon, kale, sweet potato, half an avocado
*Evening Piece of prosciutto, blueberries, cashews, Trader Joe's "Well Rested"tea

*I had an event tonight and omg, even though I had dinner, I was STARVING when I got home. Like, I needed a second dinner hungry. 
Sleep  7 hours, but restful.
Activity Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (Level 2), leg workout with ankle weights

Post-Workout Two slices of turkey breast 
Breakfast 2 eggs in prosciutto cups, sliced tomato w/ a drizzle of truffle oil and a pinch of salt, cup of coffee with coconut milk
Lunch Buffalo Chicken Salad: shredded chicken with Frank's hot sauce, avocado, mixed greens and 1/4 a mango
Dinner Portuguese chicken with chorizo and clams

Sleep 8 hours
Activity Belly dance

Breakfast Cod cakes and blueberries

Lunch Nori wrappers filled with prawns, avocado, and herb lettuce mix w/ coconut aminos, piece of butternut squash and a "vanilla latte" (warmed almond milk with a vanilla bean thrown in).
Dinner Baked fish stuffed with spinach, veggies from last night, a grapefruit and a few pistachios

Sleep 8 hours
Activity Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (Level 2), weighted leg exercises

Post-Workout Sliced turkey breast
Breakfast Two eggs scrambled, zucchini hash with pork sausage, 1/4 of an avocado
Lunch Two eggs in prosciutto cups, half an avocado, baby spinach
Dinner Codfish, sweet potato, a grapefruit 

Sleep 8 hours
Activity Rest day!

Breakfast Sweet potato, kale, and chorizo hash

Lunch Salad:chicken, tomato, and avocado w/ a hot sauce+paleo mayo dressing, a few grapes
Dinner Turkey meatloaf, rosemary garlic caulimash, asparagus, watercress, and a few blueberries

Sleep 8 hours
Activity 1 hour belly dance

Breakfast Salmon cakes with tartar sauce from It Starts With Food, watercress
Post belly dance Ella's Kitchen pouch
Lunch Herb roasted turkey slices from Trader Joe's w/hot sauce, watercresses, a few brazil nuts (not my fave)
Dinner Halibut w/pureed ginger carrots and cilantro (same as this minus the panko), green beans, and blueberries
Till next week! xx


  1. All of these meals are totally making me crave avocado. I love it!

    1. I know, I kind of eat an obscene amount of them.

  2. The meals look delicious! You go girl!

  3. What a great challenge to do. I need to follow suit - "spring cleaning" should definitely apply to eating too! You've inspired me to eat better this month. :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. Aw, I am glad! And I totally agree that spring cleaning should definitely apply to eating/health in general. I highly recommend giving the Whole 30 a go!