Fashion Documentaries


While I am not much of a movie person, I absolutely love to watch documentaries, especially fashion related ones. I love that rare glimpse inside of the fashion industry and those moments one may not get to see otherwise. I have a huge list of fashion docs I hope to watch soon, but here are a few of my absolute favorites that I can't help but watch over and over again. (I promise, I will only give brief insight. No spoilers here if you haven't watched!)

The September Issue
A professor in one of my Fashion Buying and Merchandising classes required us to see this movie when it was first released in theaters. Best assignment ever. As much as I wanted to see Anna Wintour give a lecture on cerulean, I left the theater with a new found respect for her, as well as Grace Coddington and Andre Leon Talley. To see all that goes into the making of the September issue, and the months, weeks, days, and even hours leading up to the closing of the issue, is truly phenomenal. 

Valentino: The Last Emperor
Whether in print or picture, I always find a designer profile to be so fascinating. To learn where they from, or where they live, and where they get their inspiration from, can make an admirer and consumer feel so much more connected to the designer and the brand. Watching The Last Emperor will leave you with that feeling. Valentino was truly a master at his craft and every piece he designed was a masterpiece. Be forewarned: you will probably want a red Valentino dress and a pug after watching. 

Bill Cunningham, New York
Bill Cunningham is the creator of street style as we know it. While street style is often worthy of air quotes nowadays, Bill Cunningham has this amazing gift of being able to capture what is truly authentic. When I was younger, I loved nothing more than browsing the Sunday Styles section for every image he had captured that week on the streets and at the various society galas. Needless to say, I was truly awestruck when I caught a glimpse of him back in 2011 at FNO. I know I sound like a total fan girl, but he is truly remarkable, and this doc enforces that. 

The Tents
Even though they were temporary, the tents in Bryant Park were as iconic to me as the Empire State Building. Seeing them go up used to bring such delight to my little fashion loving heart. This documentary chronicles not just the history and start of NYFW, but the last season in Bryant Park leading up to the move to Lincoln Center. If you are a lover of New York and Fashion Week, this one is a must watch.

Do you have a favorite fashion documentary? If you could pick an aspect of the industry or a designer, what would your ideal fashion documentary be about?


  1. Bill Cunningham, new york is the only one of these I have seen, but I really enjoyed it - it was interesting to see a bit inside his life and to hear the commentaries of those who know him.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. It really was! I love how simple he is. Truly one of my favorites.

  2. I love that we share this obsession with fashion documentaries!! I went to the opening of the Bill Cunningham one and was totally weeping by the end.

    You should see Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel if you can find it anywhere - it was totally wonderful.


    - Marie
    So What If I Like Pretty Things

    1. YES!! Omg and totally cried as well.

      And definitely going to look into seeing that Vreeland doc!! Googling RIGHT now!