Celebrating Julia.


Today would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday, and what better way to get back into blogging then by celebrating of my early influencers? Growing up, PBS was my greatest source of entertainment, and even though the children programming in the afternoons started at three, I always tuned in an hour earlier to watch Julia Child (followed by none other than Bob Ross).

I always enjoyed watching Julia Child cook. Her sing-songy voice, her comical antics, and her obvious passion for what she was doing made her so entertaining to watch and also made me eager to get into the kitchen at such a young age. Earlier this summer, I read My Life in France (highly recommend), where Julia recounts her life in the US (pre and post France), how she fell in love with France and French cuisine, and how she was not a good cook when she started out. I found myself not just admiring Julia's skill as I had all these years, but being inspired by this women who let absolutely nothing deter her from accomplishing what she set out to do, all while remaining completely true to herself, and completely in love with her husband, her family, her life and of course, France.
Happy Birthday Julia!

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  1. Oh I love her! And its good to hear something from you too :)