Music Monday: Rainy Days


It has been raining here for a little over a week now. Little peaks of sunshine here and there, but mostly rain. I love rainy days most when I get to stay home, sleep late, maybe bake something, and watch a movie. But since that occasion is rare, I rely on my wonderful ipod to get me through schlepping in the rain. Here are some of my favorite rain-centric songs:
this has become one of my absolute favorite songs. It is such a feel good, uplifting song for any day.

because I absolutely love Kaskade. ♥

so calming, and makes rainy days almost bearable.

every time i hear this song, I imagine myself walking off the tube in London, in a trench and rain boots with one of those large clear bubble umbrellas. Ah, the power of imagination.

What songs keep you from feeling down on those gloomy rainy days?

PS: Congrats to everyone for surviving the "rapture"!!! Ironically enough on Saturday, when I ran out to get at around 5:45pm, it got pitch black and started to pour. Seeing people absolutely fa-reak out thinking the rapture was indeed going to happen was quite hilarious. 


  1. LOL How could I forget!

  2. What about "it's raining men"!

  3. I really like Samantha James. Her music is always really chill. I'm SO glad we survived the 'rapture'. :)