The one where I skip class to go shopping.


On Tuesday, I was just not in the mood to go to my Math class. So I skipped out of it and headed on a little shopping trip with one of my classmates.

(I have to say, for my entire college career, the schools I have gone to have always been in area with great to decent shopping. Which as you can imagine can be a blessing and a curse. So skipping class in favor of a shopping excursion is nothing new.)

After checking out Urban Outfitters (which I had no idea existed near our school), it began to rain, and of course, neither one of us had an umbrella (Gabriella said it was karma: her for shopping, me for skipping math.)  The rain started to get heavier, so we figured it only made sense to take refuge in Barney's CO-OP. 

And that's when I fell in love with Lady V:
Sand color available at Barneys
Green available for pre-order at Saks

It was love at first sight. I grabbed (gently of course) the bag off the display, and ran to the nearest mirror. It was perfection. It even went with the outfit I had on, which made me believe even more it was meant to be. I have been looking at getting a new everyday bag, and was looking at getting a Balenciaga, but  I think the MBMJ Lady V may be *the one* (and its cheaper!). I love that it has the handles, as well as the strap, the size is perfect and the leather is SO nice. All in all, its a great bag.

Oh, and what a coincidence... my birthday is exactly 5 months away from today. *certain readers of my blog take note :)*


  1. sighhhhhhhhhhhh! lady v is just to perfect. i've also been wanting a Bag with a capital B, i've never had one before....she may be the one! :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  2. She is! The online pictures dont do her justice!

  3. oh that would be a very nice birthday gift !! The bag looks like heaven sent.. ^_^

  4. Its even more amazing in person! I don't mind waiting for it!

  5. hey hey!
    i just wanted to let you know, that you are truly one awsome person. such a sweetheart, taking the time to comment, and letting me know that there is somebody out there that cares, even though you dont know me! so thank you so so so much :) it is apreciated :)

    <3 Nanna

  6. I have to admit it's very pretty :) And it looks like the perfect size! I'm a fan of sizable purses, which my boyfriend does not quite understand ^_^

  7. OMG I love it!!!!! What Balenciaga bag, the motorcycle one?

  8. Aww Nanna! Thats the joy of blogging/the blogging community. And I am very serious, if you ever want to chatty, send me an email <3

  9. Its so amazing! And yes the city! I love that bag!

  10. Oh I TOTALLY know what you mean lol. And it is a great size, not too big/small or heavy.

  11. i will for sure!
    thank you again!