Nice is Nice


Two weeks ago I said one of my recent purchases was giving me wanderlust. Did you guess which one it was? In case you didn't, it was the Essie polishes from the French Affair collection, specifically the shade "Nice is nice".  Just this one polish has me longing to return to Nice.

Because Nice truly is nice. 

When I went to France for study abroad, I had no idea what to expect going to Nice. Would I love it? Would I hate it? Would the people be nice? (no pun intended I swear) Up until the trip, I really did not know much about this city, or the French Riviera for that matter. But that is why travel is so amazing. 

As we drove from Milan into the French Riviera, I quickly started to fall in love. Upon our actual arrival to Nice and to our hotel, I knew I was 100% completely in love with this beautiful Mediterranean city. From the ocean, to the people, the culture, the food, the shopping and the overall atmosphere, I couldn't get enough. 

Even though our stay in Nice was short, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Since there was so much I did not get to see, I will surely be visiting Nice la belle again as soon as possible. Here are some pics from my trip:
our hotel in the heart of Nice, Le Meridien.
(HIGHLY recommend this hotel, it is FABULOUS)
I loved all the artistic elements around the city. I am not sure of the name of this one, but it would light up in neon colors at night.
La Tête au Carré de Sosno
brings new meaning to the term blockhead, no?
Acropolis Conference Centre
Monument des Morts (monument for the dead)
beach at sunset
on the beach. I actually took that cream colored rock home :) it now lives on my floor.
one of my favorite shopping streets. Louis Vuitton, Zara, they had it all.
this was taken at 9 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT! How amazing!

While I would love to send you all on a fabulous trip to Nice, my funds just wont allow it right now:) So instead, I will be giving away Essie's Nice is Nice nail polish to one of you!!

To enter you must :
-be a follower of the blog
-leave a comment under this post and tell me where are you wishing to go to?
-Submit all entries by 11:59 EST April 25 

The winner will be picked using and I will announce the winner on the blog on April 26:)

Good luck!


  1. Everyone was like ugh the French are so rash. Maybe in other parts, but i found in Nice they were so kind, and wanting everyone to enjoy their city! Cannes and Monaco are ...I am speechless, they are so amazing.
    I truly did not get to spend enough time there, a return trip is much in order.

  2. LOL you are too funny! I hate this time in the semester, I just absolutely cannot wait for it to be over!
    And you lost me at mention of their futbol team. The English Premier league channel (? i think thats what it is called) is always on in my house and my dads like I enjoy your interest in the game........

  3. Looks like a beautiful city, I would love to visit. "Nice" pictures (hehe)

  4. Hey girl! I'm a follower and I have always wanted to go to Milan or day!!!! Great giveaway, hope I win :) I love essie polishes!

  5. Amazing pictures...and so jealous it looks like such a beautiful place to visit.!!


  6. Oh Alyssa, how I absolutely LOVE this post :) All those pictures remind me of my time in Nice. I too loved the artistic little men that lit up at night! There is just something about Nice that is so incredibly inviting. One of my favorite things that my sister and I did while in Nice was we grabbed our books and walked down to the beach area and found some seats overlooking the ocean and sat out there for hours. It was amazing!

    Great pictures! I too want to go back desperately...only this time, I want to visit Cannes and Monaco :)

  7. Alyssa, you are too sweet, your comment on my blog gave me diabetes! :) Thank you for being so concerned, the stress of everything just got to me. On to this amazing post. I'm so happy that you got to go to such a beautiful place! The images make me want to go there so badly because who wouldn't want to go to France. & I can't believe the sun was still out at 9 pm, that's crazy!! O_o I really hope you get to go back one day, I KNOW YOU WILL!

    Now on to this contest! :) I would love to go to Portugal. I have this really weird obsession with that place, (& not to mention that their futbol team has some gorgeous players, just sayin'! Hopefully I bump into one of them!) and I just love a country that has a coastline, the beach is the place to be!

    I'm so sorry for this novel length comment! :)

  8. Alyssa, I'm already a follower. As far as picking one place, that's hard. Your pictures of Nice are gorgeous. How wonderful to have the opportunity to travel there...looks like you had an amazing trip! I would love to see the French Riviera after reading all the Edith Wharton novels that reference it. I've always wanted to see Africa and Italy, too! And lastly, I saw your comment on the bucket list at Modly Chic. It sounds like a great idea doesn't it? I'm thinking of mine and hope to post them later.

  9. Your sister lives in Germany?! SO. JEALOUS!! I have been wanting to go there for forever!
    Ok you basically want to go everywhere I want to! I think I will get to Hawaii before I do Australia, because I dont know how well I will do on that 24 hour flight...

  10. Ahh haha, too funny!

  11. OMG Milan is a dream! You must!!

  12. Two thumbs up for the French Riviera. When I went it was right after the film festival, and the atmosphere was just amazing!
    I hope you do post it! I would love to read it!

  13. Of course I'll enter. What girl turns down nail polish ;)

    I am wanting to go to Germany. Because my sister lives there.
    Hawaii. Because our best friends are moving there.
    And, Australia or somewhere equally beautiful and exotic!