Easy Ravioli


Before I went back to school in January, I was watching Oprah's network OWN, (which I absolutely LOVE!) and Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag came on. To be quite honest, food shows always catch my attention, but more so when they mention a shortcut to a typically time consuming dish. The episode I saw, they were cooking for this chef and used one of Giada's recipes for ravioli made with egg roll wrappers. There's always left over egg roll wrappers from when my dad makes them, and they usually get stale since we never know what to do with them after. So you can understand why I couldn't get over how GENIUS of an idea this was! 

Here is the recipe from Giada. I opted for a three cheese filling instead of the spinach and mushroom, consisting of ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with a dash of Italian seasoning. The raviolis were not just easy to make, but very quick. Prepping the filling, sealing the raviolis, and boiling the raviolis, took less than half an hour. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

I decided last minute to take some pics using my (now defunct) Blackberry, hence the photo quality. Regardless, I suggest everyone try it!

Mmm good. Trader Joe's Pomodoro sauce with a little extra mozzarella on top. Absolutely delicious.


  1. Wow! This looks really tasty! & ever since I was a kid, I've loved ravioli so I know I would tear this up! :)

  2. You need to make them STAT! Super easy, fast and DELICIOUS!!!

  3. This looks delicious and actually like something I could make! Giada always has the best recipes. . . have you seen her line of cook wear and food products at Target? They're really good, anyways thanks for sharing. . . I'll definitely be trying this :)
    xx Nina

  4. It is so delicious! Ironically it was the Target stuff that got me into Giada!!
    Let me know how it goes!!

  5. It is! Try it, you wont be disappointed :)