Banana Republic Mad Men collection.


It's no secret that Mad Men is one of my absolute favorite shows on TV. From the oh so sexy Jon Hamm as Don Draper, the drama at the ad agency, little Sally Drapers antics, as well as Joan and Betty Draper's fabulous wardrobe, the show has everything I could possibly want, to keep me entertained. 

Come August, Banana Republic will be launching a Mad Men capsule collection for women and men! Yes you and the man in your life can look and feel like Betty and Don (minus the whole Don's a man slut thing). 

Mad Men's designer Janie Bryant worked with Simon Kneen in creating the collection, based off of actual pieces seen on the show. While some may think wearing the pieces seen on Mad Men would  look dated or even costume-y, the Banana Republic collection really took the approach of giving a slightly modern update on essentially the classics of any woman's wardrobe. 

The only thing that has me confused on this collection is the pricing. The Cut states that it will be comparable to Banana Republic's pricing. However, BR has their main line, as well as Heritage and Monogram, which are much pricier.  Fingers crossed they mean the main line, as the pieces are sure to be timeless pieces for every closet. 

Some of my favorites:

leopard print. sold.

This should hold me over until season five's premiere. I hope.


  1. Awesome! I'm a huge mad men fan too- but I'm with you, I hope they are affordable...

  2. I love that look! It's so classic and clean!!!

  3. I love all of this and so surprised by how great the collection is really.  We are just now watching Mad Men and I'm sooooo loving it.  Only on season 2 at the moment but I can't get enough!