Looking to Spring: Wide leg pants


Since Phil and Chuck saw their shadows today, Groundhogs Day, (or "the hump day of winter" as the meteorologist on the local newscast called it), this means we are that much closer to spring! Even as storm system number eight reeks its havoc, and this whole groundhog prediction business has 39% accuracy, I can't help but be slightly optimistic for an early spring.

As I start looking ahead to my spring wardrobe, the number one item on my wishlist is a pair of wide leg  pants. Wide leg pants took the runways by storm during Spring 2011 Fashion Week and while I love my skinny pants and jeans, I absolutely LOVE the look of wide leg pants, especially in denim. I have a pair of chambray ones from Old Navy that I have worn religiously every summer for the past 3 years, and I am glad to see them make a comeback in a variety of fabrics and styles (mostly because the aforementioned pair need replacing).

My favorite thing about the wide leg pant is that they are so easy to wear, and are very versatile as they can work for every and any occasion. Whether casual or dressy, day or night, wide leg pants do it all, and stylishly. And fear not! No matter what your size or shape, retailers from Forever 21 to Nordstrom to my favorite ASOS are carrying the style for every body. Here is one way I would wear the look in my day to day life:
Wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans by alyana 
Have you thought about your spring wardrobe yet? Or am I just crazy? Let me know your must haves for the upcoming season.


  1. I haven't had a chance to focus on spring yet, but I wish I had the body type to pull off anything wide leg. I end up looking like a mushroom being short and stout.

  2. You have such a clever way with words lol. Now I have "im a little teapot" stuck in my head.
    But lets clarify something, short maybe, stout NOT! :)

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the wide-leg trend however I am a stickler for the skinny leg pants/jeans. I am so excited for some spring fashion...have you seen the j.crew spring lookbook? It's amazing, I want every piece!

  4. I absolutely love the wide legs with a striped shirt look. I want that exact outfit! Thanks for the springspiration :)

  5. I love the stripey top in the bottom photo! So cute!

  6. yes! wide legged pants will be extremely popular this spring! love the outfit you posted!

  7. Cassie: OMG no!! But I know I will dies once I do

    Lindsay:Your welcome! I love the whole nautical look. I have everything/ something similar to recreate the outfit. I just need the weather to cooperate as such.

    Meri: Isnt great? Im obsessed with it!

    Rana: Thank you!

  8. I'm a lover of the wide leg, always have been. That's a nice set you have up there, everything goes so nicely together.

  9. I have the perfect pair of high waist wide leg jeans from French Connection but I've only worn them once since I bought them :( The weather hasn't been good enough for me to wear them since I want to wear heels with them. I love the set that you made. Wedges and wide leg pants are just the perfect couple!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

  10. Ahh I feel like I've thought of nothing BUT spring clothes for at least a month now! I'm so ready, and I'm right there with you - - desperate for some wide leg trousers! I'm also on the hunt for some fabulous wedges....:)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  11. Lovely :)

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  12. I love the oufit! Especially the DVF wedges. Perfect for Spring/Summer.

  13. So perfect! I live for DVF!!

    Now the weather just needs to participate.