DIY: Clip in hair extensions


Clip in extensions are a fun, temporary way to switch up your look on special occasions, or for everyday. No matter the length or color you want,you can easily make them yourself.

For the past year or so, I have been making these for my friend about once every 3 months. Not just for the (cheaper) cost, but because the color and texture of the pre-made ones didn't match her hair very well. I like to use human hair for the simple reason that it can be heat styled and because they last quite some time (with proper maintenance).

So lets get started:

What you will need:
One pack is usually enough to get the entire head done.

-Hair: The hair for the extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, in human and synthetic varieties, and textures for all hair types, making it easy to match it with whatever hair type you have, and whatever look you are going for. The amount of hair needed will depend on the look you are going for.

-Snap clips: These clips are attached to the extension hair and then used to attach the extension to your own hair They come in a variety of colors as well to match your hair. You will need about 3 clips/section  of hair

-Needle and thread: To attach the snap clips to the hair. The thread can be bought at a beauty supply store, and comes in a variety of colors to match the hair perfectly. But you can use sewing thread and it works just as well.

-Comb and clips: To separate and hold hair and to just make everything much easier.

OPTIONAL: Dye, if you want to customize the hair color in a natural or funky hue.

[SIDE NOTE: If you are in a rush, you can glue the clips to the hair, just make sure you get the right glue so the snaps are secured to the hair. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your hair blow away in a gust of wind.]

Now lets begin:
Before anything, make sure your hair is detangled, as well the hair for the extensions. 

1. Begin by unravelling the hair and estimate how wide each section should be. I use salon clips to hold the hair in place on each end.
like the girl from the ring. zexy

2. After you have decided the length of the section, remove the clips (or whatever marker you use) and cut the excess hair. Do this until you have done all the sections for your hair that you want to put the extensions in. As you do each section, if you want to do layers, you can style them so now, or wait till you are done.

3. Next,  approximate at each point the clips will go in. If you want you can even put the clips over the weft (the top of the hair where it is attached) so you don't forget. You will want to put one clip at each end and one in the middle to ensure security.

OPTIONAL: If you want, double the hair and cut to the length of the hair you cut before. This  step is personal preference, and depends on the look you want from your extensions; if your hair is already thick, then you may want to skip this step. If your hair is on the thinner side, this will add some thickness. 
4.Now get your thread and needle ready to begin the sewing of the clips. If you are doubling your wefts, before I begin with the clips just to keep the hair together, I thread the ends of the wefts to keep it together.
5.Now for the clips. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!: Make sure that the opening is facing you so that it will be attachable to your hair. This is so important because if you mess it up, not only will you be aggravated, but then you will have to reverse all that hard work.
Now begin by sewing the wefts to the clip. Thread into the holes to secure the clip. You can use whatever method of sewing works for you. I loop the holes in and out, as opposed to over and in. (Hopefully that makes some sort of sense.)
6. When I get to the last hole, I do a loop, not a knot, to secure the clip.
First one done!
Now if you have decided to double your wefts, what I do is in between each clip is sew the wefts together. 
7. Now begin your second clip, just like the first and continue. Repeat steps 5-6.

[HAHA Moment] So i ran out of black thread but had a sewing kit filled with other threads. So i took the grey thread and just ran it over a black marker! Problem solved!

Almost done! If you have double the wefts, continue sewing the wefts together till you are reach the last clip. If not, repeat steps 5-6 for the last clip.
Success! Wasn't that easy?
To finish up, cut any loose threads and if you didn't do it before, cut and style as you wish. I like to give the hair a quick once over with my flat iron

And your done!

Its simple! Part your hair as you did when you were measuring the length of each section and put the rest up to keep it out the way. With all the clips open, and facing downward, simply place the clips into your hair, and press down on the clip to snap it closed. I usually go from one end-middle-other end, but do whatever works best for you.
And now your all set! Enjoy your new extensions!

I hope the instructions were clear enough. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave one below, send me an email or ask via Formspring! :)


  1. GREAT tutorial! If you lived closer to me I would pay you to do it! =)

  2. Thank you for teh feedback! And I totally would if I were closer too! Its so fun!

  3. They look great :D

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  4. The closest I've ever come to being able to do extensions on my own is the Jessica Simpson clip in one - I'm impressed!

  5. Thank you Laila and Shandi!