Arancini (Fried rice balls)


One of the few perks of living in NY is having a vast array of different cuisines at a stones throw. Italian is hands down my favorite, and while I enjoy going out to eat, being able to replicate my favorite dishes at home is a plus for me. One of my favorite eats is arancini, also known as fried rice balls. Arancini consists of risotto (prepared arborio rice) that is shaped like meatballs, coated in bread crumbs and then fried. Serve with some tomato sauce, and prepare to be in pure bliss.

I used this recipe from Simple Comfort Food and it really was simple, but more importantly delicious. The best part of arancini is that you can customize it to your liking. I used mushrooms and peas for mine, but you can make it with whatever veggies or meat you like (or none of the above). Whatever way you make it, its guaranteed to be a hit. 

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