A Bit of a Dilemma


I am having a bit of a dilemma. Self created of course, but a dilemma no less.

Books or e-reader?

I never thought I'd see the day when I would be actually considering purchasing an e-reader but here we are. When they were first released, I was dead seat against these devices. Sure, I love technology as much as the next person, but I felt that technology and books were crossing the line. I love being able to hold a book; the feel even the smell of the pages make reading that much more of an experience to me.

Yet here I am wondering if *maybe* I should at least consider it. I am slowly but surely running out of space for all my books, and I don't carry them around because they usually are too heavy with all the other items I carry in my bag. An e-reader would be easy sure, but, its just not a book...

See how I go back and forth? I just can't make up my mind! So I want to get your feedback! Are you a fan of books or e-readers? 


  1. I had a similar dilemma for the same reason..space. I decided that the books I wanted to read just on a whim I would buy on my Kindle and the ones by my favorite authors or that are just must haves, I would buy in paper form. I have saved space but  the con is that if you change your mind Kindle ebooks are non returnable

  2. When e-readers were first released by Sony I was absolutely in love with them, I really wanted one especially for travels and since I live abroad and it would be easier to get German (mothertongue) or English language books. 
    At heart I am a "real" book lover, though. I love seeing my collection of books grow, actually seeing all the books of a certain series or by one author, etc. etc. 
    The downside is: books take up space. But they fill my room with so much life, I think. The only time you will love the E-Reader will be when you travel and don`t want to pack kilos upon kilos of books or when you finish the last book of a certain series and can`t wait to pick up the newest one. 
    Books will probably be your better bet, in my opinion. It is not _that_ heavy to carry around a book but it is _that_ much nicer. 

  3. BOOKS!!! I love having an actual book in my hands. I've tried reading on my mom's Nook and although it is more convenient and easy to read, I sit at a computer screen five days a week and to be able to open an actual book....I love it!

  4. I am a library girl anyway, so even if I ever get an e-reader nothing will ever replace the feel of a real live book with pages for me for too long!

  5. I really went back and forth about this for a while as well, but finally gave in to get a KindleFire! I love it! I really like the ease of being able to slip my Kindle in my purse and have multiple books on it, or better yet, even the newspaper/magazines. It's beneficial for traveling if you are a fast reader, but don't want the bulk of carrying lots of books. If I don't have time to get to a bookstore, I can just purchase my book online. I do like that I have the ability to highlight quotes, and I can go to a certain link on my book and see all those quotes listed out. I can just link to that page.

    As far as negatives, the only really thing I could come up with is the having to charge "the book." The battery life is pretty good though.