Adventures in Bra Fitting


Back in March when I had spring break, there were two things that were absolutely imperative that I had to do: sleep and get fitted for a bra. I have known for some time (read since last September, at least) that I was in desperate need of new bras, yet what put me off from the process was because it is just that, a process. But since spillage is annoying and not cute, I mentally prepared and set out on my adventure. 

And so it begins.

My plan was to go the department store I have been going to get fitted and buy bras from for years.  However, before I got there, I got the feeling that it just wasn't going to be a good experience. After finding the less-than-enthusiastic-about-anything sales associate, my doubts were confirmed when she measured me and told me my new bra size...the same ill-fitting size I was wearing. I thanked her for her time and waked away baffled. Not that she got the same bra size but at the way she measured me. I am no rocket science but measuring the bra cup? That doesn't make any sense. Determined to complete the task at hand, I came up with a plan b: Nordstrom.

As I made my way to the lingerie department, I was hesitant, yet optimistic. The bra fit specialist (BFS) greeted me warmly and after I told her what I was there for, she gave me a quick rundown of the process and then took me into a fitting room. To measure me, she had me remove my shirt, and measured me in just my bra, much more practical than the other "fitter." Next, to ensure I got the best fit, she brought in two bras of two different sizes for me to try. After trying them both on, she determined my correct size. To be honest, I was shocked when she told me the size, but looking in the mirror in the test bra, I knew it was "the one."

Once my size was determined, it was time for the fun: finding fabulous new bras! The BFS was fantastic because she picked up on my style right away and brought me a bunch of bras in different styles and colors, all while explaining how to properly care for them etc. The other thing I really loved was about halfway through the process, the BFS brought in a fitted tank top for me to try on with the bras to see the difference. It was like night and day. I looked taller and leaner. And they were so comfortable! Dispelled was the myth (in my head anyway) that a proper fitting bra would be uncomfortable. 

After all the bras were tried on, the BFS left me alone (no pressure, thank God!) to pick out my favorites. The ones that I tried on and loved/bought were the plunge underwire by Freya, this sassy balconette by Panache, and this convertible t-shirt bra by Chantelle. I couldn't be happier with my picks and how the entire process went. I highly recommend going to Nordstrom to get fitted and for fabulous new bras. You will not be disappointed.

*all views expressed in the post are solely my own and based on my own experience. I had to share because it was just so amazing!


  1. This is so funny that you should blog about this because about a month ago I finally was properly fitted for a bra! And it turns out that I was part of that huge percentage of women who wore the wrong bra size...lovely, right? haha

    Anyways, the BFS at Nordstrom sound awesome- and so do the bras that you bought! There's really nothing better than wearing nice delicates in everyday life. It puts such a pep in your step :) Plus, the difference I feel in wearing properly fitting bras, is just like you wrote- I should have done this ages ago :) 

    Happy Friday!
    xx Nina

  2. oh man I'm so glad I have very small breasts- it basically doesn't matter what bra I wear because I need very little support haha. I know not everyone would agree with me but I've always been glad not to have to deal with bra fittings

  3. Small boobs make it difficult for me to be fitted for bras.  Luckily, I shop at Victoria's Secret, so they all run about the same size.  34B.  Um ... yay?

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